Maggie & Nick Rawls Founders



Payit4ward started with just one simple thought. A husband, wife, and 3 children doing things that couldn't be bought! We started with our family performing random acts of kindness. We wanted to make strangers smile and shed light on the blindness. We made simple gestures because we wanted to teach our children that giving could be fun. Sure enough we were right and they wanted to help everyone. We bought food for strangers, picked up litter in the streets, everytime we went out more and more people we would meet. As a family we payit4ward and try to help as many as we can, but our hopes are that the community joins us to finish what we began. Imagine what the world would be like if we all did something kind each day. Imagine what the world would be like if we listened to what our youth had to say. We all look in the mirror each and everyday, it's up to us how we act and the words we choose to say. The art of giving is a beautiful thing. When you open your heart its an amazing feeling.We can all make a difference but it begins with you! I challenge you to Payit4ward and let your heart shine through. Find your purpose, share your knowledge with a stranger. Lets spread love instead of hurt and anger. Challenge and empower our youth! Come help pick up litter. We can all do something better instead of being so bitter. Through random acts of kindness, we can do all sorts of things. We can really make a difference if we embrace our heart strings. We hope you embrace our vision and together see all the things we can do. Because we are on a mission and we look forward to paying it 4ward with you!